Israeli Scientists Revive 2,000 Year-Old Ancient Beer Recipe

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Israeli archaeologists and microbiologists together with a team of beer brewers have successfully resurrected a 2,000 year-old beer recipe by reviving yeast residue found in ancient beer pots, in an effort to shed light on how people lived back then.

By isolating six yeast strains from 21 sherds of beer or wine vessels found in four different excavation sites in Israel, the expert team were able to revitalize the ancient brew, a basic commodity consumed by people of all statuses.

“We are talking about a real breakthrough here. This is the first time we have managed to produce ancient alcohol from ancient yeast. In other words, from the original substances from which alcohol was produced. This has never been done before,” said archaeologist Dr. Yitzhak Paz from the Israel Antiquities Authority in a press release.

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