Israeli Soldiers On Patrol Escape Vehicular Attack Near Chevron


chevronAn attempted vehicular ramming attack near Chevron late last night miraculously ended without anyone being seriously injured.

A Palestinian driver swerved his vehicle toward four IDF soldiers on foot patrol in the area. The car ran over the foot of one of the soldiers, who opened fire, damaging the rear of the vehicle.

The driver fled toward Chevron. The soldier was lightly wounded and received medical treatment.

The ramming attack was the latest in a string of similar attacks against Israeli security personnel and civilians.

On August 6, three soldiers were wounded, two of them seriously, when a Palestinian motorist rammed his car into troops stationed at a main Samaria junction. The perpetrator was shot by one of the wounded soldiers.

In May, two Israeli Border Police officers were lightly wounded when an Arab terrorist rammed his vehicle into them in Yerushalayim’s A-Tur neighborhood.

The attacker was shot dead by another border policeman at the scene.


{ Israel}


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