Israeli Startup’s Seeing Aid for the Blind Sees Big Demand

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orcamOrCam, an Israeli company, makes a small gizmo that hooks onto a pair of glasses and tells the wearer what’s in front of him. It can read the text of a book aloud, or announce the names of friends and family in a room. The Israeli company began taking orders for the $2,500 seeing-aid device on June 4, and within a few weeks the first run of 600 units was sold out. Since then, the company’s backlog of orders has ballooned to more than 1,000.

Liat Negrin, 37, who was born visually impaired, has been testing early prototypes at OrCam.

“It helps you be independent and helps overcome fears,” she said. “It helps you keep your orientation, and you always know where you are.”

OrCam can recognize a wide array of objects including street signs, newspaper articles, money and products on supermarket shelves.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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