Israeli Students Develop First Computerized System To Diagnose Parkinson’s

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study-laboratoryTwo Israeli engineering students have developed the first computerized system for diagnosing Parkinson’s disease. The system enables uniform measurements by doctors and gives the correct diagnosis 94 percent of the time. Read more here.

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  1. Try living in a world without Torah scholars…tell me if the world still will continue to exist….do you think we should give it a try…?Smart alek…

  2. Given the choice of learning Torah and eventually knowing how to pasken sheilos or live a life of Torah uMitzvos..over developing a machine to tell me the accuracy of a disease…I think …let’s see….I think I’ll choose the latter.
    Don’t worry, there are enough goyim to develop stuff…not that a jew can’t or shouldn’t help in bettering the world, of course we should…but our tafkid is to LEARN TORAH, LIVE TORAH…BRING PEOPLE CLOSER TO TORAH…the rest of the world will take care of itself…The One Above has all the formulas in the making…don’t worry #1…except, I doubt you are a mamin….a believer…!


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