Israeli Tech Sector Reaches Several All-Time Highs

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The Israeli tech sector reached several all-time highs this week as measured by the BlueStar Israel Global Technology IndexTM (BIGITech), a benchmark for Israeli high-tech companies trading globally.

The companies tracked by the BIGITech index are part of the investment portfolio of The Jerusalem Portfolio (TJP), a new mechanism allowing individuals, foundations and institutions to own a stake in Israeli-focused public companies.

“The record-breaking growth of the Israeli market tech sector continues to underscore the value of investing in Israeli-focused public companies,” said Jonathan Gerber, co-founder of TJP and president of RVW Wealth.

At a recent launch event, Stanley P. Gold, one of the largest and earliest major foreign private investors in Israel, sat down with Jeffrey I. Abrams, co-founder of TJP and RVW Wealth Legacy Resource Center managing director. Gold said that “people around the world have finally acknowledged that the quality of the products coming out of Israel are as good or better than anywhere in the world … managers in Israel are world-class [and] are every bit as good as Europe or America.”

BIGITech is now up 25 percent for 2019 so far, and the U.S. and Israeli-listed exchange-traded funds and index funds that track it are top performers in their categories.

TJP offers access to BIGITech, which is part of its overall portfolio.

It allows investors to own fractional interests in a diversified group of more than 100 top-tier Israeli-focused public companies like Check Point Software Tech, Elbit Systems Ltd., Novocure Ltd., Ltd. and more, spanning sectors from health care and technology to energy and cybersecurity.




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