Israeli Transportation Minister Calls For Deportation of Terrorists and Building of More Israeli Communities

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Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz spoke at the 13th annual Jerusalem Conference on Monday about the implementation of harsher deterrence measures against the violence and terrorism which has swept across Israel since September, 2015 and that has claimed the lives of dozens of civilians.

While Katz said that the policy of the demolition of the homes of terrorists’ families is a step in the right direction, he added that the policy is not enough on its own and that new legal measures should be taken that are unimpeded by the Israeli legal system.

“Both the family and the social circle of a young terrorist are responsible for terror. We have to create a situation in which that family is expelled and we should be deliberating as to whether to send them to Syria or to Gaza, but the policy of deportation itself should not be a question,” Katz told conference attendees.

By Alexander J. Apfel
Tazpit Press Service


  1. We need to freeze the bank accounts of all the terrorist cities and towns. Then we should use the bank funds to support the families and victims of terror,with a full hand.


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