Israeli Wedding Falls Apart After Chosson and Kallah Argue About Kesubah Value Under the Chupah

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Talk about a wedding going sour.

Recent Israeli family court documents reveal that a wedding in Israel was marred due to a dispute between the chosson and the kallah over the value of the kesubah.

At the wedding, after the chosson was mekadeish the kallah and they were formally married, an argument broke out when the husband pegged the value of the kesubah at 180 thousand shekels, while the wife demanded that the kesubah be 555 thousands shekels, claiming that she wanted that amount to ward off ayin hara, evil eye.

At the debate grew and family members got involved, the chosson bolted from the chupah and left the wedding hall. A few minutes later, all the guests from the chosson’s side picked themselves up and left the simcha. The wedding had, for all intents and purposes, imploded.

According to the law firm of David Rosen, who represented the kallah, the couple had been married for only an hour.

Immediately after the incident, the kallah filed a divorce suit in rabbinical court, claiming alimony in the amount of half a million shekels in addition to the amount written in kesubah of 180 thousand shekels. The kallah argued that she deserves to be compensated for financial damages, because the couple had not yet opened a joint bank account and all the wedding present checks “had thus gone down the drain.”

The court closed the case two weeks ago, ruling that neither side should receive any compensation, as both sides suffered financially and emotionally due to the circumstances.

David Steger – Israel


  1. and these 2 probable young clowns think they’re going to remarry? If I had an eligible son, I certainly wouldn’t want him bringing home that girl. At the same time, if I had an eligible daughter, I would never take on a shidduch with that boy.

  2. So Matzav has turned into a supermarket tabloid trash, site. Do you feel it so necessary to report what some dysfunctional family does? We have tragic deaths every day and your busy with this?

    • Yes Mazav is doing a fine job. Why hide our community problems and pretend they don’t exist? Withe transpserty we will reyolize what Ed needed to fix it. So yay to matzav and to bad to these yaks.

    • Yes We should have reports on these types of idiotic, although rare, events. There is an insight into what happens in real life and not hide behind a rose colored wall. Thank you Matzav.

  3. Once upon a time there was a pope. He worked so hard that he only wore white and then he had a bigger war against the world.

    Given his existence, what the gelt are you doing warring over your ketubah when this world is filled with the ignorant that will war over your very existence.

    This is the funniest Israel story of the day on Matzav. Perhaps we need to know the wacky to know what the sophisticated might need to consider in the better future.

    Two points if you think the pope cares.


  4. What has become of your Jewish, kosher website that it used to be?!
    You are disappointing many, stick to the good kosher news!! Don’t fall trap to the goyish interent or the other supposedly Jewish websites

    • It’s important to be here, so that
      A) We learn what can happen if we do not improve our midos.
      B) We realize the importance of thoroughly checking a potential kallah.
      C) If this site would cover up issues (which they unfortunately do!), then people will be going to failed clown’s websites.

  5. if this is a true story, then baruch HaSh-m no children will be produced from these two and they’ll be saved from growing up with people like this.

  6. This story can’t be accurate. It states that the couple had been married for one hour. How could it be, if they hadn’t yet settled on the amount? What was read under the Chuppa? It makes no sense!

  7. How on earth is anyone blaming the Chosson for this?
    That he walked out on a Gold-digging Kallah, who wasn’t happy with a 180 Thousand Shekel ($47,000) Kesubah?

    Seems the Chosson was completely blameless here, other than his incredibly poor choice of wife. Lucky for him they were only married an hour.

    Wishing him the best of luck.


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