Israeli Wins ‘Nobel’ of Math, the Fields Medal


elon-lindenstraussHebrew University of Yerushalayim Professor Elon Lindenstrauss has won this year’s highest global math honor, the 2010 Fields Medal. He is the first Israeli to have been awarded the prize. Although the prize is known as the “Nobel” of mathematics, the award, named after Toronto University mathematician and philosopher John Charles Fields, is different in that the winner must prove significant mathematical achievements and show potential for the future.

Lindenstrauss, 40, was awarded the prize for work using probabilistic and dynamic systems for solving problems in number theory, according to a colleague from the Einstein Institute of Mathematics.

The Yerushalayim resident is a major (res) in the IAF elite Talpiot program and has received the Israel Defense Prize among others, including the Chaim Nessyahu Prize in Mathematics, the 2004 Salem Prize, the 2004 European Mathematical Union prize, the 2009 Erdos Prize of the Israel Mathematical Union and the Fermat Prize for Mathematics of the Toulouse Mathematics Institute.

He is the son of Yoram Lindenstrauss, professor emeritus at the Einstein Institute, and a nephew of State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss. The professor will receive the prize together with three other mathematicians at a ceremony to be held at the International Mathematical Union Congress in India.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{Arutz Sheva/ Israel}


  1. Mention should made of the great Rabbi Dr. Eliezer (Leon) Ehrenpreis zt’l who passed away this week.

    Dr. Ehrenpreis was recognized as one of the worlds leading mathematicians and his work is studied in universities around the globe. Yet, he never received the Field’s medal since he refused to agree to remove his yarmulke for the award ceremony. Thus, in the world of mathematics the name of Dr. Ehrenpreis will always be remembered in awe, not just for his spectacular genius, but for his unmatched devotion to Hashem, His Torah and Klal Yisroel.

    May his family, who are sitting shiva at 1004 East 18th Street in Brooklyn, be comforted amonst the mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim.


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