Israeli Woman Sues Apple For Stealing Her Voice To Use As Hebrew SIRI


An Israeli radio personality and voice actor is suing Apple, claiming the company is using her voice for the Hebrew version of Siri without permission — in some cases leading to her being made to say undesirable things.

Galit Gura-Eini is asking for about $66,000 in damages according to Calcalist, saying she was surprised to learn she’d become Siri when the Hebrew version of the AI assistant debuted in 2016. Earlier in 2018, she reportedly asked Apple to remove her voice but had the request turned down.

Part of the problem, according to a complaint filed through a district court in Tel Aviv, is that while Gura-Eini’s voice is “widely identified and associated” with her real-life persona, through Siri it’s been turned “into a vehicle for improper and humiliating speech.”

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  1. The real worry. Figure it out if. Real voice theft or just luck her own? Apple come clean. $66,000 is tid bit small. Does she have a case?

  2. This article and these comments make no sense. How do you steal someone’s voice. Not enough info given. And yes 66k sounds really low.


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