Israeli Yated: “Chelsea’s Marriage a ‘Spiritual Holocaust'”


yated-israelThe Israel, Hebrew-Language Yated Ne’eman newspaper devoted a recent editorial piece to a subject wholly ignored by the chareidi Israeli media  – Chelsea Clinton’s wedding – dubbing the marriage a “spiritual Holocaust.”

t appears that Yated Ne’eman was interested in challenging the assimilation prevalent among US Reform Jews, particularly in light of Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu’s recent capitulation in the conversion law affair, and despite the taboo nature of the topic.

“We were not supposed to address the private family event had it not been for one tiny detail: The chosson is Jewish. (Bill) Clinton wasn’t bothered by this ‘miniscule’ detail. As far as he’s concerned, there is no difference between a Jew and a Christian. The problem is that his new in-laws were not bothered by this either. On the contrary, they appeared quite happy with their dear son becoming the former US president’s son-in-law,” the article said.

“The bigger problem is that most US Jews aren’t bothered either,” the article said. “On the contrary, many of them feel part of the American nation.” 

The editorial also mentioned that the groom and his family belong to the Reform movement – “One that views the annihilation of the Jewish people in uprooting its unique identity and heritage as its main objective.”

According to the Yated Ne’eman, the Mezvinskys encouraged the marriage knowing that it would be cutting off another Jew from its people. “This move joins the many millions who have become extinct from the Jewish people through the spiritual Holocaust imposed by a bunch of clowns disguising themselves as ‘Jews’.”

The Israeli Yated Ne’eman is not affiliated or connected to the American newspaper by the same name.

{Ynet/ Israel}


  1. If you are not a Jew according to Halacha you are not a Jew regardless of what the reform, reconstructionists, or anything else says. What a sad mythology victims have been lured into by the reformed charlatans.

  2. I agree with the sentiment but I don’t think should of wrote it.Nor should Matzav have publicized it.Although I have no issue with a Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim, etc. not wanting their child to marry out of their faith,but not every American understands those who oppose religious intermarriage.Why cause problems by bringing attention to our opposition to the secular public’s attention?

  3. This is a good start. They have (along with the American Yated) been covering up major issues like Toieva marraige, parade, etc… It’s about time our “Frum” media (ha ha ha ha) starts standing up for Kvod Shomayim! That includes you, Matzav! STOP COVERING EVERYTHING UP

  4. to #2, I feel, and if you speak to Rabbanim And B’nei Torah, they too will tell you that rather than hide the fact that we are opposed to intermarriage, we want to scream it out loud, regardless of their understanding. The time has come when us real jews made a statement of our definition, and if they “CHOOSE” to misunderstand they may, we all have choices!

  5. There are 2 problems here.

    A. When you make these types of statements, inspite of their truth you end up with egg on your face. At best you are preaching to the choir. At worst you, you end up looking stupid.

    B. You severly cheapen the word Holocaust. Every time you do it, you cheapen the place of the Kedoshim within society.

  6. To Comment #7 from Sheldon:

    Of course, we are not, Chas V’Shalom, trying in any way at all to cheapen or downplay the most horrific destruction of our people that happened in the Holocaust.

    What we are pointing out though, is that the SPIRITUAL destruction that — ironically — we ourselves are doing with our turning away from our glorious Divine heritage of our Judaism that G-D gave us IS certainly a spiritual Holocaust. And ironically, this spiritual Holocaust is a destruction of us that Hitler, Yimach Shemo V’Zichro, could never have even dreamed of!

    Furthermore, most of the Kedoshim (who were murdered in the Holocaust), HaShem Yinakeim Damam – May G-D Avenge Their Blood, died with great pride that they were being killed for being Jews. So when we today neglect our Divine heritage of our Judaism, when we neglect what the Holocaust Kedoshim themselves gladly gave their lives for, we are heaping back on the Holocaust Kedoshim the most terrible of insults!!

  7. to sheldon: the Holocaust, if you ask the Gedolim of the last genoration, ie Harav A Miller ZSVKLBLYH”M was broght upon mainly becuase of the maskilim look at his sefarim for explanation so it fits in

  8. Instead of feeling holy by getting worked up and writing about this subject, go and meet a non-frum person and bring him closer to Yiddishkeit, then he will not intermarry. If you are not ready to do that you have no right to complain about this tragedy. It happened because people like YOU refuse to teach Yiddishkeit to the tinokos shenishberu! If someone was raised with no awareness of Yiddishkeit’s importance, who do you think Hashem is relying upon to get His word out to such people? YOU, yes YOU who’ll be a kanoi and feel good about yourself after spouting off, and you’ll have done nothing for Hashem. Who carries more blame for wittingly disappointing Hashem?

  9. It looks like there was a misprint here with Comment #9 from English. What it looks like he was trying to say is the following:

    Many of the Gedolim of the last Dor, ie, Rav Avigdor Miller, ZT’L, (who wrote and spoke extensively on the subject) ponted out that one of the reasons why HaShem brought the Holocaust on us was because of the Aveiros of turning away from true Judaism — including Jewish people choosing non-Jewish spouses — which, very unfortunately, many of the Jews in Europe were doing.

    Obviously, we must not ourseleves, Chas V’Shalom, repeat those terrible mistakes!

  10. To #1. We know that a Jewish mother has Jewish children regardless of that child’s affiliation. The problem is that Reform (and others?) says that having a Jewish FATHER makes one Jewish. In a small time we’ll have trouble knowing who is HALACHIKLY Jewish.


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