Israeli Yated Ne’eman Botches Coverage of ‘Balloon Boy,’ Says He Fell Out of Balloon

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falcon-heene1In an embarrassing gaffe, the Israel Hebrew version Yated Ne’eman reported on the recent incident involving Richard and Mayumi Heene’s “balloon boy” son, Falcon Heene, but stated that that the 6-year-old boy “survived a balloon fall,” completely misreporting what actually occurred.

Falcon Heene became the focus of a massive search and a media blitz after his family called police on Oct. 15, saying the boy was trapped on a homemade balloon that they had launched and was drifting away across the Colorado countryside. The 6-year-old boy was later found hiding in the attic of his family’s Fort Collins, Colorado, home. Media helicopters, military aircraft and the Federal Aviation Administration all assisted in tracking down the wayward balloon, which landed in a field.

Authorities then announced what millions suspected: The whole thing was staged.

On CNN’s “Larry King Live,” in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, filling in for King, the Heenes asked their son why he had not come out from hiding when they called his name.

“You guys said we did this for the show,” the boy responded.

That led authorities to realize what had really happened. Sheriff Jim Alderden of Larimer County called the incident a “hoax,” adding that “it was a publicity stunt” by the family in hopes of “better marketing themselves for a reality television show at some point in the future.”

How the Israeli Yated Ne’eman botched the story and claimed that the boy fell out of the balloon is not clear. We’ve heard of things getting lost in translation – but there’s lost and then there’s lost.

Note: The Israeli Yated Ne’eman is not connected or affiliated in any way with the American Yated Ne’eman newspaper.

The report appears below:







{Yair Israel}


  1. Why is it important to report that a newspaper made a mistake? Big deal.
    It only leads to people pointing fingers at ‘those chareidim’.
    Please stick to reporting newsworthy items, or divrei torah.

  2. Note: The Israeli Yated Ne’eman is not connected or affiliated in any way with the American Yated Ne’eman newspaper.

    This statment is the main reason reported this ( we all do it )

  3. I found the report here inetersting, but it is nothing new that the Israelis both things up regularly

    As for #4, I don’t think the “reason” it was reported had anything to do with what newspaper it is. I think that the statement – The Israeli Yated Ne’eman is not connected or affiliated in any way with the American Yated Ne’eman newspaper – is just so that people don’t start going nuts and calling the american yated and telling them that they are idots and apikorsim

  4. The Yated represents Torah Judaism al pi hagdoilim. The opinion of the gedoilim is koivaiah the metzius, and not the other way around. Therefore, the metzius was that the boy fell out of the balloon and news reporters who reported otherwise are apikorsim and cannot be believed.

  5. What is so hard to understand?

    The Israeli HaModia reported that the kid was NOT on the balloon so the Israeli Yated figured the truth must be just the opposite! : )

  6. I don’t understand what the big deal and confusion is all about. Some reporter saw a video taped addition, and whatever words in English he didn’t know he interpreted through the pictures he saw in the video. I hope he learns for next time that pictures sometimes lie and not to overestimate his understanding of the English language.


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