Israelis Kick-off “I Love You Stephen Harper” Petition

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stephen-harperBy Aryeh Savir

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, one of Israel’s most staunch supporters, is to visit Israel on January 19th. Israelis, who are moved by his support especially when viewing it against the prevalent anti-Israel sentiments usually voiced by world leaders, have found a unique way to thank him for his outstanding support.

Citing Harper’s support for Israel’s right to defend itself in 2006 during the Second Lebanon War and during its subsequent operations in Gaza, and relating to the price Canada paid in the UN for its support of Israel, the petition states the following:

“Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is Israel’s best friend among the world leaders.

“Immediately after Harper became Prime Minister of Canada in 2006, he began to defend Israel’s right to self-defense during the second Lebanon War against Hezbollah. This position was repeated during Operation Cast Lead and Operation Pillar of Defense against Hamas (in Gaza). At the UN, Harper defended Israel on every single UN vote. When Canada was refused membership to the UN Security Council because of Harper’s support of Israel, Harper said plainly: “No problem. Our position is worth the price we have to pay.”

“Harper has no political reason to support Israel because the number of Jews in Canada is not like in the United States, and Israel is not widely supported in the general public. The only reason is his ethical and moral identification with the Zionist movement.”

Harper deserves our gratitude. We, the signatories of this petition, thank the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, for his steadfast support of Israel. Thank you.”

The petitioners hope for at least 20,000 signatures. They plan to deliver the signatures to the Canadian Prime Minister during his visit to Israel this month.
This will be the first time he will be visiting the country. Therefore, they state they believe he must be received properly.

Tazpit News Agency

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  1. A wondsrful and deserved gesture for an honorable and decent individual who speaks the truth regardless of consequences. Prime Minister Harper deserves our full support.

  2. I’m not Canadian but… this man is indeed an amazing friend. I personally sent him a letter some years ago thanking him for his friendship toward Israel. He sent back a nice response! We could learn a lot from a great person -and even an Aino Yehudi! He is genuine!

  3. He deserves it. It is unbelievable the political flak he faces because of his support of Israel. Despite it all he is still unwavering.

  4. we here in Canada are Bh very lucky to have such a mentch of a leader and feel that due to his support of israel , the Canadian economy is doing so well!

  5. To #6, what’s the point in playing G-d in stating reasons for happenings whose reasons are unknown to us? Why not just stick to praising Harper?


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