Israelis Moving Out of Eretz Yisroel to Retire

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A majority of Jewish Israelis have no desire to grow old in their home country, a new survey released this week said.

Less than 30 percent of Israelis said Israel would be the best place to grow old in, while 60 percent said they prefer to grow old in a European country due to the better economic welfare and living standards there, according to a survey by the anti-poverty NGO, Chasdei Naomi. Only 12 percent of those surveyed picked the United States as a good location choice for retirement.

Of those earning above average wages, only 20 percent considered Israel the best place for retiring, while 44 percent of the 500 respondents earning below average wages did prefer Israel as an ideal home for retirement.

Older people above the age of 50 were more likely (38 percent) to pick Israel as the best place to grow old in compared to those between the ages of 18-29 (23 percent).

Meanwhile, Israelis living in Jerusalem (35 percent) were more likely to choose to retire in Israel over Israelis living in Tel Aviv (25 percent). The number of secular Israelis (13 percent) wanting to grow old in Israel was very low compared to 56 percent of religious Israelis, the Jerusalem Post reported.




  1. I’m too young to plan it, but I’d much rather retire in Israel than in the US. Israel has an advanced medical care system, warm climate, less overall levels of stress. Not even discussing such things as living amongst klal Isroel and kedushas hooretz.


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