Israelis To Shelter Infiltrators


Israel has given 20,000 African infiltrators until April 1 to leave with a $3,500 bonus or be jailed indefinitely, saying they are not refugees but job seekers.

Another 18,000 are to leave within three years.

Rwandan officials shunned MKs Michal Rozin and Mossi Raz of Meretz when they traveled to the African country to investigate its agreement to accept infiltrators.

“Rwanda cannot be a playground for Israeli internal politics. We deal with governments and we only receive foreign officials that are announced and cleared by their foreign ministries,” Foreign Affairs minister Olivier Nduhungirehe told AFP.

Learning that the trip was funded by Germany’s left-wing Roza Luxemberg NGO, Foreign Minister Aryeh Deri tweeted that the MKs should tell the NGO in his name, “Israel is not opposed to returning the infiltrators to Berlin instead of Rwanda.”

Reform Rabbi Susan Silverman said that her Miklat Yisrael organization was contacted by thousands of Israelis interested in sheltering the infiltrators in towns and kibbutzim.

In Yerushalayim, 1,500 Israelis and infiltrators marched through the streets with signs saying, “No to forced deportation,” and, “We are willing to absorb refugees.”

But a poll of 600 Israelis arranged by the Israeli Democracy Institute found that 66% of Israeli strongly (45%) or moderately (21%) supported the deportation plan.

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  1. Those seeking to shelter these ILLEGAL migrants, are leftist liberals, who seek Israel’s destruction as a “Jewish” country.


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