Israelis Warned Of Increased Terror Threat Before Passover Holiday Travel

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Ahead of the Yom Tov of Pesach, Israel has issued travel advisories cautioning Israelis to avoid vacationing in the Egyptian Sinai, Turkey and Jordan.

The Egyptian Sinai received the highest-level travel warning, level one, out of four, described as “a very high concrete threat.” Turkey received a level-two warning, “a high concrete threat,” and Jordan a level three “basic-level concrete threat.”

Eitan Ben David, head of the Prime Minister’s Office Counter-Terrorism Bureau, said at a media briefing Monday the heightened travel warnings were mainly related to increased threats presented by Islamic State-affiliated groups operating in these areas.

“The threat has grown, including to Israelis in the coming period, and is the gravest level of threat,” he said, adding, “Attacks on the Egyptian military, on Coptic Christians…ISIS (Islamic State) rockets fired at Eilat and videos from ISIS against Israelis show the high motivation and power of terror groups there.”

The bureau chief also emphasized that the threat is not limited to Israelis, but that Christian tourists and others from around the world could also become potential targets of terror groups operating in these locations. JSN.ORG

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