Israel’s 150 Largest Companies To Hold A Strike On Monday

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The 150 largest companies in Israel have announced a strike on Monday in opposition to the continued legislation aimed at restricting the use of the judicial doctrine of reasonableness, stated a notice issued after a meeting of the Business Forum. Notably, shopping centers run by major entities like Azrieli, Ofer, and Big companies will be closed during the strike.

“Representatives from the high-tech sector have also expressed their solidarity and stated that they will support the strike, allowing their employees to participate in protests against the proposed reform,” the notice added.

Calling for further support, the Business Forum urged more companies to join the strike and urged parties to reach agreements on the implementation of the judicial reform legislation.

However, Oren Buta, the chairman of the Movement of Independent Businesses, strongly criticized the Business Forum’s decision. “We want to clarify that all small and medium-sized businesses, as well as others not affiliated with you, will remain open tomorrow and continue to contribute to the Israeli economy,” Buta countered.

“We will pursue all legal avenues, including the possibility of a class-action lawsuit, and utilize all available means, including legislative channels. This strike not only affects your employees and shareholders but also has implications for the self-employed individuals who rent commercial spaces from your companies and the general public,” Buta said.

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  1. Great. I hope these companies, just like Bud light here in the states, lose a tremendous amount of money. Hopefully it will lead them to bankruptcy.

  2. The old guard Ashkenazi secular leftist power elites are refusing to give up a drop of their power and control of the country .They will accelerate their oppression of the majority of the people of Israel.JUDICIAL REFORM NOW!

  3. The power of the non-elected Deep State Mafia judicial court must be stopped. If Netanyahu is too weak to take care of it immediately, Ben Gvir should step up before they destroy the entire country!

  4. Wonder how much if this is coming because of Biden’s interference with Israeli politics and joe much money have they given to opposition organizations


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