Israel’s Attorney General To Streamline Citizenship Process For Toeivah “Couples”


Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit informed the country’s High Court of Justice today that he will work to streamline the process of obtaining citizenship for the foreign partners of Israelis who live a toeivah lifestyle in order to bring that process in line with the experience of toeivah couples.

“This is a huge victory,” said Udi Ledergor, chairman of the Israeli [Toeivah] Dads Association, which filed a petition before the High Court on the issue. “The old procedure struck a fatal blow to the possibility of [same-gender] couples from becoming parents and giving their children the status they deserve. We decided to attack all the main discriminatory elements, one of which is the absence of naturalization possibilities for foreign spouses.”

The petition submitted to the High Court pointed out that it is more difficult for toeivah Israelis who marry foreign men or women to apply for citizenship than it is for straight Israelis who marry foreigners.

According to the current law, the process for acquiring full citizenship for traditional couples takes four years, while the process for naturalization for toeivah “couples” is seven years, with most toeivah partners only receiving permanent resident status rather than full citizenship. Additionally, for the rare cases in which foreign toeivah partners do receive citizenship, they are required to forfeit their foreign citizenship. JNS.ORG

{ Israel}


  1. Outrageous!

    Not only should more toeivah people not be permitted to enter Eretz Yisroel. the ones that are there already should be removed from there (at least – if they don’t repent, which we hope they do ASAP). As the Torah teaches us, the holy land of Almighty G-d does not tolerate such terrible sinners.

  2. The world is changing but what can I do not go to shul? Maybe now moshiach will come to identify who’s who and who’s what’s?

  3. Bereishis Rabba 26:5

    Rabbi Huna in the name of Rebbi said, “the generation of the flood was not eradicated from the world until they wrote marriage contracts for same gender and bestiality.”

  4. He might as well take his black yarmulka off and shave his beard. A walking disgrace. Allowing more toieva in the holy land. Then you wonder why so many stabbings are occurring.

  5. i feel like i’m living in a twilight zone. i understand (somewhat) that politics corrupts some people…but, does it go so far as to corrupt a guy with a yarmulka and beard!!?

  6. What is his email? Mailing addrees? Does he have a facebook page? We should have thousands of people writing him in protest.
    How do we get in touch with him?


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