Israel’s Chief Rabbi Signals He May Support Synagogue Closures On Yom Kippur

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Israel’s Chief Rabbi, Rav Dovid Lau, hinted on Wednesday that he would support closing shuls on Yom Kippur if health officials decide “it’s the right thing to do,” Israeli news outlet Ynet reported.

Despite a general lockdown in place for nearly a week, the country’s religious community has so far protested against the possibility of closing places of worship or banning public prayers, vowing to disobey health restrictions if the government closed synagogues during the Yom Kippur period.

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  1. The right thing to do is get police to safeguard the shuls from the “invisible enemy” who are currently pursued, instead of the police chasing after those who go without masks. Only idiots would believe that lockdowns will shoot the fever and flu away and that the 6 feel social distancing has anything to do with a medical virus.

  2. This interview with Avi Edan of Shas in Elad אבי עידן – נציג מפלגת ש”ס באלעד וחבר כנופיית “הבונים החופשיים”
    הרב דב ברקוביץ בשיחה מדהימה עם אבי עידן – נציג מפלגת ש”ס באלעד וחבר כנופיית “הבונים החופשיים”.
    Also in the talk tons of info on Shor Yashuv Choh the Haifa Rabbinate and Shlomo Goren and the threer ‘ Lau’s !
    Also a detailed discussion on the Psak of many early Poskim that Masonary is pure Idol worship. Ben Ish Chai in sefer made cherem on them Nachman breslov wrote on them .
    Haman an achasverosh were from the clan of Bonei Migdal staed the Nisivus Rav Yackav MeLisa……….


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