Israel’s Daily Coronavirus Cases Hit New High For Second Day Running

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Israel’s Health Ministry reported on Wednesday that 1,718 new coronavirus infections had been recorded over the past 24 hours, beating the previous day’s record of 1,681.

Of the active cases, 195 are characterized as serious, according to the ministry. Fifty-seven people are on ventilators, and the death toll stands at 371.

The dramatic increase in the country’s coronavirus figures has led to a significant reversal in the easing of measures the government rolled out after it had seemingly successfully “flattened the curve” due to severe lockdowns in March and April.

Many in the government are now calling for a return to stricter measures, and even for another general lockdown. During a meeting on Tuesday of senior figures in the government and security services, Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein reportedly said that if the trend didn’t change within the next few days, “there would be no option but to declare a full shutdown.”

The partial restrictions put in place in recent weeks had not been effective, said Edelstein.

“In the end, all we did was stop weddings and cut back on restaurant activity. With steps like these, there is no chance we’ll see a decrease in new cases, so I suggest we start talking about a full shutdown. If we don’t see a change in the numbers within three days, we’ll have to go there.”




  1. Some claim that Rav Chaim never said healthy people should wear a mask. Below is a quote from Rav Chaim as said by his Gabbai. Even though the Mishna Berura is talking about a specific disease, Rav Chaim said it IS relevant to covid. (He was paskening during the first wave in Eretz Yisroel. I don’t claim to know what he would pasken for the East Coast in America today.) Rav Chaim already said on video of those who say he is controlled by Gabbaim and is like a buba (puppet) בקיצור הם משוגעים. But apparently those who care more about their own selfish comfort will automatically deny that Rav Chaim would disagree with them, without even verifying that they are right. They are sure that if he heard the evidence of some goy he would have believed that goy. Scary that a Yid could say such a thing. Following is the Quote:

    Rav Levenstein continued: “Someone mentioned to HaRav Chaim Kanievsky that he was wearing a mask due to the health ministry’s instructions and HaRav Chaim responded: ‘Why are you saying the government? Say the Mishna Berurah [obligates us].’”

    “‘Which Mishna Berurah?’ the man responded. HaRav Chaim opened a Mishnah Berurah to Siman תקנ”ד, where it’s written that if there’s a difficult situation in a country, there’s a shaila whether to fast on Tisha B’Av or not.

    “‘In the Biur Halacha, it’s written: ‘If someone wants to fast when the disease isn’t raging [the immediate danger has passed but the disease is still lurking], he should be advised and warned that he shouldn’t leave his house at all. When he does go out he should be forced to put something over his nose and mouth and a little grass [he calls the grass miata].’”

    Harav Levinstein continued: “So Harav Chaim told him: ‘So why are you saying the government [obligates you]? Say the Mishnah Berurah. At a time when there’s a mageifah even when it’s not in full force, you must wear a mask.’”

  2. “I think what we don’t realize is that the issues they are describing with covid are similar to those that you can get from the flu and other infections also. The flu -and the flu shot – can damage your lungs. Some people will take a long time to recuperate, others will hardly know they had it. tens of thousands of people get sick every year and 4-6000 die from hospital acquired infections in Israel. Yet, we hear nothing about that. Covid, for all intents and purposes, may be infectious, but most 90% of everyone will be just fine. We do not know what cases actually means. If they test more people then they can claim more cases. The real test is if there’s more verifiably sick people among the same sized population. Asymptomatic people are nothing new, you can be asymptomatic with the flu and any host of other illnesses or diseases. Since we do not know that, when we start hearing these dire predictions we think they are unique to Covid. By and large they are not. Additionally, they are not testing to see if people are positive for the flu, strep, rhinovirus, or anything else. Could be that a lot of people will test positive for multiple viruses and if you had this knowledge then there would be different diagnosis than calling everyone Covid. Notice how they keep on upping the cases but there is no sharp increase in the deaths and the don’t even mention that to any great extent cause they can’t. The numbers aren’t there. The same people that are susceptible to complications from the flu are the same who are susceptible to Covid and should take the same precautions they do every year during flu season. Don’t forget that the vaccine is not very effective most years.

    This constant harping and fear-mongering about Covid to the exclusion of all else has allowed the government to usurp power, become authoritarian, and turn people’s lives upside down, keeping people off balance, changing everything back and forth so no one has any emotional or financial stability and cannot even plan from day to day. There is a lot of collateral damage here, greater than the number of people who have gotten sick and ch”v even died. Everything they are telling us to do is the opposite of what we’ve known contributes to good health. Our immune systems deteriorate with stress, inactivity, lack of sunlight, isolation, joblessness, loss of business, and more. This takes years off people’s lives and makes them more likely to get sick, not just from covid, the illness du juor.

    Why are we not hearing about what we can do to balance and support our immune systems? Why not tell people to take vitamin d when we are stuck in our houses and the people who fare worse are the most d deficient?

    There are plenty of doctors speaking out against what is going on but their voices are not allowed to be heard and they are not being paid attention to, usually dismissed as if they don’t know what they are talking about.

    I don’t want to get sick any more than the next person. I think that we need to question the narrative that has wreaked havoc with our lives and destroyed the economy, some sectors perhaps forever.

    Politicians are making decisions over our lives that we have no say in.”

  3. Israelis's "new cases" are as fraudulent as in the US. Just recently it was reported that Florida had 33 labs all positive. Israel is no better.

    New high baloney! The Health Dept phones random people that they have to be quarantined because they were next to someone at work/store and they make up a name and time. The same goes for their “new high”. The only new high are those who were hospitalized with breathing problems after wearing killing masks.

  4. Some people don’t care about others and will come up with any excuse to explain why they are right. They will say that any psak of the Gedolim wasn’t referring to them. They will say that if Gedolim would know the true facts they would change their minds. As the סמ”ע says דעת בעלי בתים היפך דעת תורה. Boruch Hashem most of today’s ehrliche baalei batim know that our Gedolim know better than us. But some don’t. It was always that way so you strong ones out there keep listening to Rav Chaim Kanievsky. Don’t concern yourselves with the דעת בעלי בתים. (Yes there are people who rely on other Gedolim. I am not referring to them. I am referring only to those who claim that it is pashut that masks kill and quote goyim or other’s that have no נאמנות.)


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