Video: Israel’s Egg Crisis Averted After Massive Shipment Races in to Ashdod Port


A looming egg crisis was averted in Israel on Sunday, when a ship carrying millions of eggs arrived in Ashdod Port, Hebrew news website N12 reported.

The egg shortage hit the news after the government ministries of finance and agriculture both warned that Israel was running short of the staple due to effects of the coronavirus pandemic on international imports.

There was a fear that there would be an egg shortage just before the Passover holiday and fighting over eggs at supermarkets led to minor incidents of violence, as well as a reported “black market” in the foodstuff.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon stepped in and announced that the government would subsidize the importation of eggs from Europe.

The ship carrying the eggs was diverted from its original destination, skipping ports on its route and operating at high speed in order to reach Israel on Sunday.

A special crew was assigned to Ashdod Port in order to unload the shipment as soon as it arrived. The government set up a trucking and logistics center to aid in distribution of the goods.

Orna Hozman-bechor, Chairwoman of the Board at Ashdod Port Company, praised the dockworkers “who are steadfast and committed to continuing to ensure the proper operation of the Port as an economic and strategic artery for the State of Israel.”



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  1. According to grocers in Israel, shortage of eggs is a political thing. They have tons of eggs but the govt won’t release it.

  2. Price gouging in full effect, here in Brooklyn, davka before Pesach. A dozen eggs is going for close to $4.00, when a few months ago it was under a dollar. Suddenly the chicken’s stopped laying eggs?! Being that we are a beaten down gullible people, we take it on the chin without making a peep. We are our worst enemies.


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