Israel’s Population Nears 9 Million – Including 6.6 Million Jews


Israel’s population neared nine million on the eve of the new year, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics reported Monday.

A total of approximately 8,972,000 people lived in Israel as of December 31st, according to the CBS’ estimates.

Of those nearly 9 million people, roughly 74.3%, or 6,668,000, are Jews. Approximately 1.88 million, or 20.9% of the population, are Arabs, while 426,000 (4.8% of the total) are neither Jewish nor Arab, and are classified as “Others”.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. My arithmetic adds up to 25.7% non-Jews. (Either 100-74.3 or 20.9+4.8)
    IAC, do you live in Israel? If not, then perhaps you should move to Israel to help us remove the disgrace of too few Yidden here.

  2. As bad as it seems I remember that after ’67 there were those who said that if we CH”V don’t go back to the pre ’67 borders that the Arabs would become a majority & the Lubavitcher Rebbe prophecy that if we settle the “redeemed” land it would not happean.


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