Israel’s Religious Services Ministry To Allow Non-Orthodox, State-Funded Community Rabbis

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rabbinateIsrael’s Religious Services Ministry announced today that it plans to abolish the institution of state-appointed neighborhood rabbis. Instead, financial support will be given to communities that request it for rabbis of their own choice, including non-Orthodox ones.

The plan was unveiled in a brief submitted to the High Court of Justice today in response to a petition by the Reform and Conservative movements and several of their community rabbis. The petition had demanded these rabbis receive a salary from the state, just as Orthodox neighborhood rabbis do. It also asked that the city of Yerushalayim reserve at least two of its neighborhood rabbi positions for non-Orthodox rabbis.

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  1. To all of you gasping in disbelief you must understand this:
    The Rabbanut is not a religious organization, it is a government organization. That is why this news is not absurd, that is why many Yidden don’t follow their hechsherim. The Rabbanut is legally bound by any and all government regulations.

  2. Everyone who knows anything of what’s happening in the state of Israel shouldn’t be surprised to read the blasphemous plans they have. Since this last election and with the ridiculous push for forcing enlistment of the chareidim, it was clear (or should be) that their goal is to literally secularize Israel and undo Torah in EY. That’s why it is very disturbing when reading comments from so-called frum Jews who can’t see the trees from the forest and don’t realize that the chareidim know what the plans from the new memshalah for them are and that’s why they are so determined to not allow themselves to be pulled into this chilul. Yasher koach to them for that. Much tefilah is needed at this time for Eretz Yisrael & klal Yisrael, and, in general, for the world.

  3. Are they not Jews that have kedushas yisrael? What is wrong with our genration that we feel it is our G-D given right and duty to judge and look down every other Jew who does not worship G-d the same way we do. At least these people still feel some kind of connection, unlike the millions of Jews in America that don’t even know they are Jewish. We have only our selves to blame that these Jews feel no affinity towards Orthodoxy. We no longer make torah a darchei noam.

  4. HF, #5: You mean well, but this has nothing to do with not tolerating others’ ways of life. We are talking about ‘laws’ that the govt in Israel is implementing to the detriment of the Jewish people as a whole. One cannot play around with halacha when it comes to the most basic laws of Torah. They are trying to allow reform rabbis to perform marriages, conversions, divorces. They want to enforce and criminalize chareidi Jews because they do not want to serve in the army, plus many other anti-Torah edicts. The Jews of Israel do not want these changes, whether they are chareidi, religious zionists, traditionalists, & just ordinary Jews who even know very little of Yiddishkeit. They are all of the opinion to let the status quo stay because of the upheaval that it will cause to the Jewish nation. Only the radical leftists and haters of Torah Judaism (a minority who have the power) are creating this evil sham upon Yisrael. We are all obligated to speak out loudly against the abominations being proposed at this time for the sake of the whole nation (Am Yisrael).


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