Israel’s WaterGen Aims To Quench Global Thirst For Clean Drinking Water

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As the global water insecurity worsens and the world looks for innovative solutions to keep people and crops hydrated, one Israeli company is looking to do even better.

Some one billion people worldwide lack access to safe water at home and another 4.5 billion lack proper sanitation. And this problem is growing.

Israeli innovators WaterGen have developed a new means of drawing water from the air through a process that condenses water molecules in humid air and converts them into clean drinking water. While the company is not the first to use this technology, they claim they are the first to make the process efficient enough for the mass market.

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  1. I hope this product is for real and not just fakes that they had before promising similar results. This is an item is basically a de humidifier that you have in your house. But the water is made by the humidifier Google say do not drink this one must have a great filter it’s not mind bending technology it’s just rebranding of old technology I hope it’s true and not like the other prototypes that they got funding for that went nowhere.

  2. Israel comes up with all these great technologies, then gives it away for nothing, or sells out to big corporations who proceed to make hundreds of times more than they paid to the Israelis. It’s about time Israelis had developed long term business plans, as opposed to “invent, than sell out in under 5 years”.


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