Issues Facing Our Community: Quick Survey

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chareidi-chiloni-bneibrakDear readers,

I am writing to let you know about a survey that I have begun that seeks to assess what people, from various crossections of our community see as the major issues facing the Orthodox Jewish community, the ease or difficulty in creating change, and a variety of related issues.

Please take a few moments (2-3 minutes) to respond. All responses are anonymous.

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We all know that tzorchei amcha merubim– the needs of our people are many. We want to try to understand what (and why) people think what they do and offer this data to the wide range of policy makers, community stakeholders (including, of course, Rabbonim) as well as to the community to help shape a more effective and empirically informed dialogue.

This survey is part of a broader pioneering initiative our nascent institute is now undertaking. We are beginning to conduct, analyze, and most importantly, disseminate research at the nexus of psychiatric, psychological and social issues and the Orthodox, Ultra Orthodox and Chassidish Jewish communities in an effort to improve and empirically base community decision making, resource allocation and program development.

We currently have data regarding many critical areas of community functioning, including mental health and community stressors, issues of abuse, shidduchim and “off the derech” youth. We hope, over time, to offer this data in a clear, professional and most importantly useful manner for the community and it’s leadership with actionable practical implications.

We embark on our task recognizing the sensitivity of this information, the gravitas of the issues  and, at the same time, a grounding in (realistic) optimism. Obviously, one size does NOT fit all and a contextual approach of appreciating the socio-religious and cultural norms and realities is essential.

Your feedback, comments and thoughts are much appreciated! ([email protected])

Thanks and again please take 2-3 minutes to complete the anonymous attached survey.If you find it valuable or of interest, please feel free to forward this onto others. We are trying to get a wide range of responses and perspectives so it would be much appreciated.

גדול הלימוד שמביא לידי מעשה

Great is study that it brings about action

Sincerely and thanks for your help.

Yitzchak Schechter,PsyD

Director, Institute for Applied Research and Community Collaboration
Clinical Director, Center for Applied Psychology (CAPs) at Bikur Cholim, Monsey, NY

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  1. Why such negative research and conotation? Why not ” we’ve grown so much – Yiddishkeit in America has grown so much – over the past 6+ decades. Where can we still grow more? Which area is most important to you?”.

    When it’s done the way it is, it indicates alternative motives.

    Chag sameach!

  2. “the ease or difficulty in creating change, and a variety of related issues…”
    This sounds vague and unclear about what the real motives are. If this about getting Molestors into Jail and reporting and encouraging to report on those type of things that is all good. (Police is what is good for that)
    But, if it is about bringing in other garbage from the Goyish world into our from world. BEWARE!!! Not all frum Psychologists have the right attitude on these issues.

  3. I have had a quick look at the survey, which lists around 15 issues. Without going into details here, I could list more important ones. The survey does give the respondent the opportunity to list other issues, albeit only 3. I think it would be interesting to see what people list as other issues. Maybe the first survey should have asked people to list their own issues and then do a survey on the most popular ones.

  4. Finally! But what about all those people at the Asifa who won’t see it on Matzav? Are they handing out paper surveys in Willy or BP? How about Monsey and Kiryas Joel? A great idea whose time has definitely come!!


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