It Could Take Weeks – Or Longer – To Know Who Won The NYC Mayoral Primary

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In the moments after polls close at 9 p.m., it might feel like a regular election. You’ll see the votes begin to be tallied — bookmark POLITICO’s results page now — but the ranked-choice format of the election means we probably won’t have a clear winner tonight.

There are 13 candidates on the ballot, and polls show no one coming remotely close to a majority. That means it’s virtually certain that we won’t have an outright winner tonight, and it will be necessary to move to the ranked-choice, “instant runoff” tabulation to determine the Democratic nominee.

But “instant” it is not — far from it. The problem is you need to know which candidates finished the race in which places before their supporters can be reallocated in the correct order. And that’s only possible after all the votes are tabulated.

The city board of elections is reportedly not going to run those calculations for the first time until next Tuesday. And that will only include votes cast in person — whether today or during the early-voting period, which ended Sunday.

Then there are absentee ballots, which won’t start to be added to the tallies until after the Fourth of July. That means it could be until the middle of next month before a winner can be identified. That’s especially true if the race is close.

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  1. This DNC policy is ripe for corruption. This is exactly what they want and planned. This is what happened with the decrepit old bag we have tripping over his walker and/or dog in the white house, the honorable Joe Biden. How did the DNC suddenly knock out Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren when they were so far ahead in the polls??? The corrupt DNC had it all planned out long in advance that the brainless Biden was going to be in the white house. Same thing here in NYC. The corrupt DNC will make sure Maya Wiley is the next Mayor of NYC. This rank voting is just a ruse, to shove this lawless black feminist radical leftist in the Mayorship to completely destroy any vestige that this once great City has left. It will happen. Mark my words.

  2. Another “transparent” election. Brought to you by the socialist-fascist Democrats that don’t believe in the original Greek meaning of the word.

  3. Based on the current numbers it is extremely unlikely anyone other other Adams can win.

    The only other two with even a chance are Wiley or Garcia depending on which of the two ends up as second place runner after the absentee ballots are counted. (Even if the third place winner wins one hundred percent of second choice votes they still won’t have fifty percent of total votes needed to win)

    After ending in second place they will then need about sixty percent of all voters for all losing candidates to have voted them second choice to win. Being that (1)the election was super fractured (2)large blocs of losing candidates ran on platforms and catering to demographics totally different that then Wiley and Garcia their chances of getting 60% of number two choice votes are next to none.

    Adams only needs like 28% of second choice votes to win.


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