It Was The Paramedic Who Told Her That He Collapsed and Passed Away

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A family was shaken to the core a few months ago when their apparently healthy father did not make it to the family simcha he was supposed to attend one evening.


Like any other day, Moshe Gotsman left his home early in the morning and told his wife he would meet her at a family simcha later that evening. As nightfall came, and there was no word from Moshe, his family began to worry. They couldn’t imagine what might be keeping such a devoted family member from this exciting event.


Amidst the wonder, Moshe’s wife Leah, received the dreaded call. A paramedic had reached out to her to inform her of her husband’s sudden passing. There were so many questions left unanswered for this newly widowed woman and her grieving family.

The only information they received was that Moshe collapsed during the day, lost consciousness and wasn’t able to recover. In just the span of a few hours, the Gotsman family went from simcha to tragedy. It was truly an unimaginable event.


Moshe’s untimely passing took everyone by surprise. He was a bright, respectable, and trustworthy man, who lived his life to the fullest. He had a close friendship with HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, Shlit’a and would visit him often. Moshe made a modest income as a teacher who would impart his great wisdom to young children in a highly sensitive manner.

Now, Leah is left alone as a widow. She cannot keep up with her family’s expenses and is being threatened by banks to either pay her debts or lose her home. She is feeling completely overwhelmed as she is still grieving the shocking death of her husband while dealing with these new financial burdens. She is hopeful the public will hear her story, and help her get through these difficult times.


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