Italian Court Rules Yerushalayim Not Israeli Capital After Quiz Show Sparks Controversy

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Asserting that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish state amounts to “dissemination of incorrect information,” an Italian court has ruled, Middle East Monitor reported Monday.

The lawsuit in question was sparked by L’Eradità, a popular Italian quiz TV show, which saw one of the participants asked to name Israel’s capital in May.

The host, Flavio Insinna, did not accept “Tel Aviv” as an answer, saying the correct response was “Jerusalem.”

This drew the ire of two pro-Palestinian groups: the Palestinian Association in Italy and the Association of Solidarity with the Palestinian People filed lawsuits against the company airing the show.

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  1. Oh okay. And this coming from a country that harboured the Palestinian terrorists who murdered Leon Klinghoffer. Hmm, I wonder why the Italians got hit the hardest with Covid19.


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