Italians Report Coronavirus Disease Recovery Can Take Months

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Recovery from the coronavirus can take months, Italian COVID-19 survivors say, as the nation starts to lift the strict restrictions put in place at the peak of the outbreak.

Symptoms including fevers, fatigue and shortness of breath can linger for months even after people test negative for the coronavirus, according to Italian patients and doctors who spoke to The New York Times.

“We have seen many cases in which people take a long, long time to recover,” Alessandro Venturi, the director of the San Matteo hospital in the Lombardy town of Pavia, told the Times.

Venturi told the Times the discomfort seems to last even longer for people with lighter symptoms.

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  1. Most of the people who were very sick with this flu/pneumonia which was sprayed in the air, aka corona, had underlying health issues and/or got a flu shot. Which is why so many elderly people died. So all this can take a while to heal.

    • People with underlying health issues are disposable? Vaccinated people are disposable? Did you check if you are vaccinated?
      We all know the virus is being sprayed in the air by people yet unaware they have this disease, which is why sensible people don’t go out.

    • Shame on you for insulting the קרבנות by insinuating that they’re חטאים. You must be a שנה ופירש. It can’t be that you’re a שומר תורה ומצוות and a ירא וחרד. Shame on you!

  2. Poster # 2, anonymous, you are so, so right! Even the name of poster #1 is abhorrent! A Chutzpa! All the people who nebech were niftar were רשעים???
    Shame on him!
    Shame on him!
    Shame on him!

    • To Yankel and anonymous 7:11.
      OY! יתמו חטאים was referring to the reshaim who sprayed the air with dangerous chemicals causing hundreds of sick and dead. Header was not clear. Sorry about the misunderstanding.


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