Ivanka Trump at Florida Shul: My Father Called ‘Before Yom Tov’ and Said ‘You Better Pray Hard for Me’

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Ivanka Trump — the Jewish daughter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump — told a shul gathering in the battleground state of Florida on Thursday that her father had asked for her prayers during the Yomim Noraim this year.

Noting that the holidays feel “in the midst of, let’s just say an important time in my life and my family’s life,” Trump — according to a recording — told the crowd at The Shul, located between the Miami suburbs of Bal Harbour and Surfside, “My father didn’t even give me a hard time about it once. You know what he would say right before Yom Tov — he would call and say, ‘You better pray hard for me.’ I’d say, ‘Yes dad, we will pray hard.’ Then he’d call Jared [Trump’s husband Jared Kushner] and say, ‘Jared, you gotta pray hard for me.’ So he covered all of the bases.”

Trump — whose five-year-old daughter recently started kindergarten at a Jewish school in New York City — also talked about the importance of Jewish education.

“It’s such a blessing for me to have her come home every night and share with me the Hebrew that she’s learned and sing songs for me around the holidays,” Trump — who converted to Judaism in 2009 — said. “And it’s really a learning opportunity for me once again through her eyes. It’s really an amazing thing. It’s just been such a great lesson.”
While Trump said she did not plan to take on an official government role herself if her father was elected president on Nov. 8, she said she had strong opinions that she would not hesitate to share.

Trump vowed to be an advocate for women and Israel. Regarding her father’s support for Israel, Trump said he would be “an unbelievable champion for Israel and for the Jewish people. You will not be disappointed.”

Asked whether her father would move the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognize Yerushalayim as the undivided capital of Israel, Trump answered unequivocally, “100%.”

Referring to her conversion, which she called an “amazing and beautiful journey,” Trump said her father supported her “from day one.”

“There was no question, there was no argument,” she said, adding that her father had “tremendous respect” for the Jewish religion.

In response to a question on Thursday about what she cherished most about Judaism, Ivanka Trump said, “Especially now being a parent, I deeply appreciate how it feels like everything about Judaism is architected to create connectivity and to create a grounding in what really matters.”

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  1. She speaks a lot of mumbo jumbo. I don’t think Matzav should be quoting her or following her.
    She is happy where she is in life and relies on her little daughters songs for her growth in Yiddishkeit. Very nice. Not judging. But Matzav should not follow her every move & statement as if it’s halacha limoshe mesinai.

  2. Get with the program!!!!
    Matzav is not a daas Torah
    it’s a news site run by religious jews
    and keeps out the shmutz
    it’s not a rosh yeshiva talking
    no one thinks so
    just regular news filtered from the shmutz
    great job!!!!!

  3. Very typical of Matzav. You deleted/censored half of what I wrote. You spliced together a sentence here and a sentence there to sanitize everything. I see you are afraid to quote true Daas Torah. You are part of the problem. You have sold your soul to the Modern Orthodox. Why don’t you just give a disclaimer on top of your website, that you are completely biased and you will delete anything you are too immature to understand? Idiots.

  4. please Matzav, please let’s not have photos of her. I can understand its very hard not showing hillary clinton, and perhaps because of the importance maybe it’s acceptable. But let’s not thereby lower our standards. Please, please keep this site as pure and kosher as possible. For all of ours sake…Yasher koach


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