Ivanka Trump Rips ‘Cancel Culture’ After She’s Dropped As Commencement Speaker


Ivanka Trump took to Twitter Friday evening to call out cancel culture after she was dropped as a commencement speaker for Wichita State University, the NY Post reports.

“Our nation’s campuses should be bastions of free speech. Cancel culture and viewpoint discrimination are antithetical to academia,” she said. “Listening to one another is important now more than ever!”

“I know that all of these talented graduates will dream big and aspire to make the world a better place!” she said.

The president’s daughter and senior White House advisor also posted a video of the remarks she had planned to give. Ivanka was dropped by the university after student protests online over President Trump’s response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. Read more at the NY Post.



    • > MIM G

      Maybe you should investigate (and learn something) before spreading canards. I looked up the tweet and its timestamp is 7:13 PM.

    • She made a late shabbos. if you go to twitter it is timestamped at 7:13 PM · Jun 5, 2020. (Licht in D.C. was at 8:20PM)

      Have you ever heard of “dan l’kaf zechus?”. (especially when you have an extra mitzva of “v’ahavta es haGer!”)
      After reading the short article, two things came to my mind:
      1) she posted a message before shabbos, or
      2) in the era of fake news, this did not even occur on Friday evening, but rather Friday afternoon.

      Turns out, my first assumption is correct.

  1. @MIM G:

    It says “Friday EVENING” – we can assume that she posted any time before 8 pm (before Shabbos began) and would still be called Friday EVENING. We have no reason to assume that she posted when it was already Shabbos.


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