J-Street Was Paid By Obama Administration To Promote Iran Deal

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J-Street received more than half a million dollars to advocate for the Obama administration’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran, it has been revealed, Arutz Sheva reports.

The liberal Jewish group, which bills itself as “pro-Israel and pro-peace” but which critics say takes solely anti-Israel stances, was paid the money by the White House’s main surrogate organization for selling the deal. Read more at Arutz Sheva.




  1. Isn’t the House of Representatives in charge of the purse strings?! Who needs these RINOs if they allow the people’s money to be used for the dictator’s bribery fund?!

  2. Traitors! As long as money wasn’t involved it was difference of opinion. Now it’s traitors.

  3. Matzav – your headline is false and misleading. A separate organization paid J-Street, not the government (which would be illegal). I am not here to defend Obama, only to point out that I cannot trust your reporting if you state facts that are untrue. Please be more careful in the future.

    • You are misleading: the organization that paid J street, was an Obama regime’s surrogate. The money came out of the taxpayer’s pocket to pay for Obama’s political bribery. The facts were as reported.

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