Jacob Blake ‘Fighting For His Life’ After Wisconsin Police Shooting


Wisconsin man Jacob Blake — whose shooting by cops in front of his kids sparked riots in his hometown of Kenosha — was still “fighting for his life” Monday after surgery, his family told local media.

“Jacob Blake’s brother tells me Jacob is still fighting for his life. He says he just got out of surgery and is in the ICU,” TMJ4 reporter Lauren Linder said on Twitter.

One of his cousins, only giving the name Pauly, also confirmed his relative was in intensive care after being shot several times in the back by an officer trying to stop him from getting into his car Sunday afternoon.

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  1. i feel its wrong for matzav just to write that someone was shot in front of his kids by police without stating a reason for the shooting which i’m sure there was

    • A lot better than CBS and some of the liberal news outlets.

      CBS reported it as “police shot man trying to break up a fight”

      Listening to their “news reporting” this morning I was thinking that CBS must stand for Certificated Baloney Station

  2. According to mike the cop on youtube, Local police knew him, and knew he kept a gun in his car. He had a knife, and had a warrant for assault and domestic violence. Don’t be a violent armed criminal resisting arrest and you are way less likely to get shot by the police.


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