Jailed JCC Bomb Threat Hoaxer Tries Suicide 5 Times


The attorney for the Israeli-American teenager accused of making threats against Jewish community centers in the United States told an Israeli television news program that he has attempted suicide five times in the past two weeks.

The teen from Ashkelon, in southern Israel, is currently in the psychiatric ward of an Israeli hospital, after being charged in Tel Aviv  district court with thousands of counts on offenses that also include publishing false information, causing panic, computer hacking and money laundering.

The accused hacker, 19, allegedly made threats to 2,000 institutions around the world.

Read more at The Forward.




  1. I don’t know what to say other than this kid sounds like a real piece of evil or a combination of sick and tormented.

  2. Oh, it’s too bad this lowlife piece of trash wasn’t successful. I hope he has better luck next time. It is assur to have rachmanus on such a cold calculated criminal.

  3. I feel so bad because he’s a Jew.

    I feel so bad of what he had caused.

    May hashem bless this world with moshaich



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