Jared Kushner’s Family Blasts His Trump Defense

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Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and a close adviser to his presidential campaign, is under fire from his own family for his defense of the presumptive Republican nominee following a controversial Twitter post that was viewed as anti-Semitic.

Some relatives are unhappy in particular that Kushner invoked his grandparents’ Holocaust survival story. “I have a different takeaway from my grandparents’ experience in the war,” Kushner’s cousin Marc wrote on Facebook. “It is our responsibility as the next generation to speak up against hate. Anti-Semitism or otherwise.” Another cousin said in a different post that invoking their grandparents’ tale was “a shame,” and “self-serving and disgusting.” Read more at Politico.

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  1. Uh oh. We don’t need to have any shalom bayis problems because of this. They always say, never discuss politics with family. It will only cause tzaros.

  2. Luck brother.

    The money ultimately has his fingers tight around his blessings. It would feel better if it was his tzitzits. Trump is a scoundrel. Middle to the road is not anything other than his road kill.

    Verify Trump’s jewish son-in-law is a chassid. See if nightly humor still applies to his chassidic dream.

    Holocaust holier than the shoes wear out fast. Someone is glad Daddy Trump is easy to love.

    Gold is brave! And then they said Shalom.

  3. A misleading heading. Some decade long estranged cousins are not what most of us would refer to as family. Liberal Jews hate Trump?-So what?!

  4. FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!! There is not a shred of anti-semitism from this post!!! A 6 pointed star is not a magen david! A magen David is a 6 pointed star

  5. Stupidity of the highest order. Shame on the cousins.
    Jared wrote well and this story should be here with ended.

  6. Kushner is correct. Trump meant no antisemitism. As Jews we need to be on the alert, but we need to be wary of knee-jerk reactions which portray us as unreasonable.

    • Fondu man. The beer at the end of the day is too good. Webster’s says your graduate education has not taken effect yet.

  7. So the ones who don’t like him are not shomer Torah u’mitzvos whatsoever , which explains their uber socialist liberal Democrat leaning.


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