Jason Greenblatt: “I Think We Could Put Forth a Palestinian State that Does Not Endanger Israel’s Security”

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Former U.S. special envoy Jason Greenblatt on Thursday discussed the U.S. peace plan that he helped draft, at a virtual roundtable discussion moderated by Adv. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, President of Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center, Alan Rosenbaum reports for the Jerusalem Post.

Greenblatt said: “While we tried to create a Palestinian state, every description in this very lengthy plan of how that state is supposed to operate should address all of the concerns that those who are opposed to it have, and if they don’t, I’ve always said, ‘share your concerns with us – the same way we tell the Palestinians – so we could try to address them.’

“I think we could put forth a Palestinian state that does not endanger Israel’s security. We were careful to be clear, and this is one of the biggest fights because the Palestinians and their allies believe that this is not a state – there is no sovereignty because Israel has overriding security control. That’s critical to Israel’s safety and security.

“We also gave Israel the ability to go back in. If they extend more and more abilities to the Palestinians to police their state but then they fail – either they fail because they can’t do it properly or they fail because some new leadership comes up and wants to abrogate the agreement – then the Israelis have the right to go back in and do what they need to do to protect their society, without fear of the UN issuing all sorts of sanctions and condemnations for doing that. That is a critical component of the plan.”

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  1. Sorry, but this is an oxymoron. Their ability to have any form of sovereignty has been disproven by years of experience. They have failed to keep to a single commitment. They lie consistently. They tell the world one thing, but say the opposite in Arabic to their own. They have never abandoned their missions to wipe Israel off the map. They refuse to put a stop to terror. They continue to reward terror, and push for that to get world support. Somehow the world fails to see that these chayos cannot be civilized.

    A state that is 100% demilitarized might be worthwhile discussing, but won’t get anywhere. That means zero military, no weapons at all, including steak knives. These animals need to prove civility before we can trust them with anything.

  2. The only Palestinian state that is somewhat safe for Israel is called Jordan!! And that’s only with U.S. And Israeli pressure.

    • Let them make a Palestinian State in the US. The US is large enough to give them a State. Why let them squeeze into tiny Israel?

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