Jeb Bush: I Told You Trump Would Be the ‘Chaos President’

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“When I ran for office, I said [Donald Trump] is a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president,” Jeb Bush said on Friday, reminding everyone that he warned during the primaries about how many scandals a potential President Trump would bring about.

“Unfortunately, so far chaos organizes the presidency right now,” Bush added, speaking at the annual SALT hedge-fund conference in Las Vegas. As unsolicited advice for Trump, the ex-governor of Florida pointedly said: “Stop tweeting.” READ MORE AT CNN.



  1. Maybe if some of your louses without the spine would develop some guts and integrity. We would be interested in your opinion

  2. Doesn’t his focus groups dictate to him that the more sour grapes he puts forward the more of a loser and low energy he looks?
    Just in case we thought that Jeb! was a change agent and a disruptor, here you go.
    It’s amazing how these clowns really still do not understand why they lost. We wanted the drain swamped and no its not pleasant, but this is how it looks. This is how the spinning desperate alligators look!!


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