Jeb Bush To Israeli Newspaper: U.S. Approach To Iran Nuclear Talks ‘Inexplicable’



Former Florida governor and expected Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said in an interview with Israel Hayom published Friday that the Obama administration’s approach in the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran is “inexplicable.”

“It is inexplicable to me,” Bush said. “The administration started with a clear objective of not allowing the Iranians to have nuclear weapons and now we’re lowering that threshold to the point where the objective is to regulate their creation. I think that is very dangerous-it creates clear instability in the region, it’s an existential threat to Israel, and given the missile capabilities that Iran is developing, it creates significant risk to the rest of the world as well.”

“Nothing in these negotiations deals with the proxy wars that Iran is fighting and Iran’s influence is now significant in four capitals outside of Tehran,” he added. “With a nuclear weapon, their efforts to destabilize the region would be even greater. So it makes no sense to me, to be honest.”

Bush said the Obama administration is “making a mistake to disparage” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of his March 3 speech to Congress on the Iranian nuclear threat. National Security Advisor Susan Rice called the speech “destructive” to U.S.-Israel ties.

“[Netanyahu] has every right to speak to Congress about the direct threats that a bad deal with Iran would bring to the United States, to the world, and of course, to Israel,” said Bush. It is “completely inappropriate” that the Obama administration is “putting daylight” between the U.S. and Israel, he said.

Asked if he is running for president, Bush responded, “I’m seriously considering the possibility of running. There is no decision yet-that will be later on.”


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  1. The Obama administration’s approach in the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran is “inexplicable,” until you realize that President Obama loves Muslims and Arabs, and hates America and Israel.

    Then his inexplicable policy suddenly becomes explicable.

  2. Jeb is a fat RINO who has ZERO chance of coming even close to getting the nomination. Please stop quoting this loser.

  3. if iran is haman
    the babama is achashveirosh – a ??? ??? ?????
    and michele O is — esther?
    where is mordechai when we need him
    how do we explain kerry and rice?

  4. Michele is definitely not esther, Bibi is mordechai/esther, and Haman is Iran. Obama is the king. Michele is the queen that refused to dance and was sent away. Bibi is coming to Washington to plead to save Israel from destruction from Haman. That is why his speech must be heard, especially by the Jewish people to protect Judah from destruction. Bibi is not a stupid man he has picked a perfect time to speak about Haman.


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