Jeff Bezos Earns More In 30 Seconds Than The Average Worker Makes In A Year

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Have you ever wondered how long it takes for the world’s wealthiest captains of industry to earn what you make in a year? For many, the reality is too depressing to fathom.

But for any curious parties eager to learn the painful truth, ABC Finance has created a series of infographics that break down how much the world’s wealthiest people earn – and how it compares to the average salary for regular non-billionaire workers.

Helped by the asset-friendly policies of the world’s largest central banks, the wealthiest 1% of the world now owns nearly half the wealth. The 54 billionaires living in the 54 UK alone have an aggregate $160 billion in wealth, equivalent to over 6% of Britain’s GDP. Meanwhile, the average worker earns about $37,000 a year. Virgin CEO Richard Branson earns that amount in roughly 25 minutes.

Even more galling, Facebook CEO earns the same sum every 60 seconds. Bezos earns the same sum every 28 seconds.

Read more at Zero Hedge.



  1. so what?
    this is communist garbage.
    No one is harmed by the fact that Jeff Bezos is so rich, or with the fact that Bill Gates is a multi billionaire.
    How many people got jobs and livelihoods based upon these people’s entrepreneurship

  2. Now, why do we have to know how much bezos is making? I can venture to say that the average Torah jew, for the large part, and with hardships of daily living in the calculation, is exponentially happier then the latter entrepreneur, distinguished as he is.

  3. Bezos is a terrible human being. I have no problem with wealthy people but this guy is killing thousands of buisnesses thereby causing countless people to lose their livelihoods. Lately he went into manufacturing as well. He’s not stopping and no one is stopping him. What he’s doing should be illegal but at the very least he shouldn’t be hailed as some hero. In my opinion he’s a heartless and horrible person.


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