Jeff Bezos’s Wealth Hits Record High $171B

Jeff Bezos, chief executive officer of and founder of Blue Origin. at the unveiling of the Blue Origin New Shepard system during the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on April 5, 2017. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Matthew Staver.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’s wealth has increased to $171.6 billion, surpassing his own previous record even after his divorce settlement.

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index previously put the peak of Bezos’s net worth at $167.7 billion in September 2018, but he is estimated to have accrued at least $56.7 billion in 2020 alone, Bloomberg reported.

After the couple’s divorce, Mackenzie Bezos acquired a 4 percent stake in the retail giant and is estimated to have a net worth of $56.9 billion, putting her in 12th place in Bloomberg’s rankings. She is ranked as the world’s second-richest woman after L’Oreal heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, according to the news outlet.

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  1. Bezos became a billionaire on our account. Our tax dollars paid $1.46 for each and every Amazon box they shipped. Besides, the CIA has a $600 million with Amazon for storage contract.

    • Are you able to back that up at all? and please no links to shady conspiratorial websites.

      I think you should just get yourself a good job and stop being jealous.

  2. Can anybody explain the moral value of an economic system which allows a single person to accumulate $171 billion dollars while millions of people are not able to afford basic healthcare, food, shelter, etc?

    • @Yussel
      Sure, the value of such a system is that all those “millions of people” can/will aspire to each also accumulating their own $171 billion. And each taka have a shot at it.

      As opposed to a system that forces ‘equality’ and imposes/regulates that (i.e. communism), where necessarily no one will aspire to anything. And why should they since they each get the same ration at the end of the day regardless.

    • Yes, The moral value is that NO ONE can claim a right to anyone else’s money.
      Thats a very powerful moral value.

      Any person, acquiring money in any way that isnt theft, may keep that money. Because there is no person that has the right to take it from them.

      The moment we start deciding who deserves to keep their money and who deserves to have it taken, then society is lost.

      As an example, people decided that they can identify as whatever gender they like. Now, not only is that accepted, but if you think otherwise your a bigot, and you broke the law.

      Thats what happens when we impose our vision on others, and with money as well. Your idea of who should have the money matches NO ONES. While you may want it for hungry people, others will want it for “oppressed” peoples. Who is hungry and who is oppressed, that will become a very arbitrary conversation.

      Therefore. Live and let live. Dont take away from someone who rightfully earned something. even if it could be put to better use. Thats a slippery slope, and in essence, the root of evil

    • okay, sure it is called mekach ummemkar as explained in Torah. what is difference what he has as long as poverty is declining. if he gave his “money” away it wouldnt change much because the value of the dollar would drop. what produces a good society is better machines and proper delegation of people to the tasks needed to provide resources not allocating “money” to everyone.

    • I dont understand your question.
      What System? If he made the money its his, as long as he didnt steal it…
      You want to steal it from him?
      I’m not sure where the ‘system’ gets involved?

      • you realize if society deems a tax legitimate and legal it’s not stealing anymore otherwise any tax would be illegitimate.

  3. Can you please post his private cellphone number and email address? I have to speak to him regarding a chashuva inyan.

  4. @Yussel- Sure. They directly employ about 850,000 people, are probably responsible for keeping the USPS, fedex, ups, and others in business (that’s probably a couple million people), and give a parnassa to untold numbers of people selling products through amazon, which keeps those products in demand, which means those companies can hire and give people a living. So the moral value is that this company is responsible for millions upon millions of jobs and people being able to eat. I think that’s pretty fair.

  5. well then he should pay more taxes? does he not benefit from other peoples taxes? do his trucks not use public roads and wear them down etc? he has a crazy deal with the USPS. big business shouldnt be getting benefits that the average joe running a small business isnt getting!


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