Jersey Of Player Who Stood By The Anthem Becomes NFL’s Top Seller

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Steelers player who stood for national anthem has the top-selling jersey.

It’s the top seller in the league after the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle broke with his team and walked out of the tunnel for the national anthem.

The Steelers had decided as a group to stay in the locker room. They were one of three teams to sit out the anthem after President Trump said NFL owners should fire players joining the protest.

Villanueva was a captain and an Army Ranger who served three tours in Afghanistan and received several medals for his service, including the Bronze Star. Read more at CNN.




  1. The radical left is destroying the very fabric of this once great Country. All this was the creation of Barack Obama and Eric Holder. They perfected the divide and conquer strategy. They inflamed race relations and set us back 100 years. They pitted black against white. Gay against straight. They unleashed the dreaded Thought Police. Everything White Man says or does is racist and a hate crime. The White heterosexual male is the root of all evil. Safe-space has become mandatory in all tax funded public schools. Gender neutral bathrooms are the law of the land. Moral God fearing folks must take reeducation classes. Etc, etc…. The minority has overrun the majority and now live in perpetual fear.
    These “sports” players are all part of that kabal and are petrified of being called R A C I S T!

  2. Seems like this guy issued statement that he mistakenly entered the field instead of staying with his teammates. Guess he bent to pressure

    • no, he said he made a mistake and should have told his team he was going out to stand so they could have stood with him, but instead he feels bad for making them look bad. you have to watch the actual interview instead of the biased media articles.

  3. That’s right only the Grubb players have a right to an opinion about everything and it’s called rights but if you offer an opposing opinion then you are bad let these scum pay a price for their so called stance and let’s c how fast it changes

  4. “Even liberal cities like Washington DC and Boston saw a number of NFL fans booing their own teams while taking Trump’s side. Demographics tell a very disturbing story for NFL and Trump haters alike: the NFL will not survive the war with the Donald, as fans definitely favor Trump on this issue.

    That’s why NFL is losing popularity and in the long run, they’ll lose the war against Trump and his fan-base. Even those who might not support the POTUS are sick and tired of NFL’s hostility towards American values and they’re fed up with the politicization of sports.”

    • He didnt apologize for standing, he apologized for making his team look bad by going out without telling them and giving them the opportunity to come out with him. you have to watch the actual interview with him after the game instead of just reading the biased articles.

  5. But when the Dallas Cowboys wanted to wear ribbons in memory of the 5 police officers that were murdered by a black man, under Obama in July 2016, the NFL said NO!!!!!! The NFL is NOT for free speech! They are NOT for unity. They are hypocrites!

  6. It is too bad the people that pay their salaries, yes the people who go to their games, they spit at. It is sad all of them are multimillionaires and they are spitting on the country that made them multimillionaires and they are complaining. I can give them my Address and they can send me their pay checks and then they can spit all they want and call and misrepresent all they want. You can see how bad this country has treated them, and I wonder if one time they all played the game and there was no one there to watch it. Why don’t they have a audience strike and the audiences not be there, but people are so addicted to these games I don’t think the people can survive a week without them. This is the same.

  7. HaShem is so angry at these ‘righteous’ americans that He is sending mabool after mabool on this land. despite everyone’s so-called ‘rights’, we have no control over the weather. these people are destgroying this malchus shel chesed

  8. When enough people stop attending the games and buying the NFL cable packages, it will implode. Of course that won’t happen, people need their football fix.


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