Jerusalem City Hall Orders Halt to Illegal Waqf Construction on Temple Mount

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The Yerushalayim Municipality this week ordered a halt to illegal construction at the Har Habayis holy site.

The Israel Antiquities Authority had filed a lawsuit against the Waqf for building bathrooms in an archaeological site within the Har Habayis complex.

Army Radio said the municipality has pledged to install portable toilets in the Har habayis area for the upcoming Ramadan holiday. The bathrooms will be erected in coordination with Jordanian authorities.

David Steger – Israel


  1. It’s about time the Israeli municipality stepped in and prevented illegal diggings and construction on Har Habayis. Who knows how much irreparable damage has already been done to this Makom Kodesh in their attempts to wipe out any evidence of a Jewish presence there, dating back to antiquity.

    • So what? After the churban, foxes walked on the har habayis, now vilde chayos are walking there.

      I’m sure Rabbi Akiva would have no problem with the latter as he didn’t with the former. Study the Gemara Makkos 24b to learn why.

  2. I know that Gemara well. It has nothing to do with the fact that the waqf are erasing archeologic evidence of a Yiddishe presence dating back to the two Batei Mikdash.


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