Jerusalem Estates Uses Advanced Technology to Market Homes

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In a groundbreaking marketing technique, Jerusalem’s most prestigious residential development Jerusalem Estates is using advanced video technology to bring its luxury complex and apartments from Schneller directly to your screen.  A spokesperson for Jerusalem Estates’ marketing company explains the rationale: “We needed a cutting-edge method to demonstrate the level of these residences to our clients who rate highest on the socioeconomic scale in the frum world.”  Jerusalem Estates thus appealed to an advanced video technology company that fuses hundreds of 360ͦ panoramic shots to form a real-life setting that enables the user to ‘walk through’ the photographed area using a touch screen, mouse or arrow keys, and actually experience the location as if he were strolling through the site in person.

Using home computers or devices, site visitors can enter the luxury complex via the main entrance in the public Schneller compound, walk past the Concierge Pavilion and enter through the decorative wrought-iron fence directly into the spectacular Amphora Garden. 

A marketing representative recommends:  “Stroll along the exquisite garden paths and revel in the colorful flora all around you. Sit down and relax on one of the wooden garden benches and enjoy the serene beauty of the ecological pool. Notice the colorful fish. Can you spy the water lilies unfurling their petals beneath the warmth of the sun’s rays?” The virtual tour offers site visitors an extraordinary up-close view of the architectural wonders of Jerusalem Estates.

Proceeding into the Towers, visitors can ‘enter’ one of the buildings’ palatial lobbies, walk upstairs to the gallery and gaze down from the impressive height at the splendor all around. From the lobby, one can also visit one of Jerusalem Estates’ well-appointed model apartments.

If it’s not enough, the application invites you to return to your starting point outside the Concierge Pavilion and select Nighttime Tour. The viewer will watch and be amazed as the gardens and stately buildings are illuminated in the magical glow of a Jerusalem evening.

Jerusalem Estates’ spokesperson relates that no efforts were spared to convey a complete visual experience. Yet as breathtaking as a virtual tour can be, it doesn’t do justice to the true grandeur of Jerusalem Estates which is beyond the scope of the imagination. 

Scan the barcode and enter 360 Tour at Jerusalem Estates.

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