Jew Sells Concentration Camp Soap


auschwitzAbraham Botines, 73, is the owner of a small antiques shop in Montreal, and has recently added to his list of collectibles soap made in the concentration camps in Poland. Botines, a Spanish-born Jew, sells items from World War II, including Nazi soldiers’ former belongings. His recent decision to sell soap from the concentration camps has evoked the anger of many members of Montreal’s Jewish community.

The shop owner bought the soap, which were manufactured in 1940, from a Canadian citizen who served in the Second World War. Each bar of soap costs at around $300.

Botines says he is not selling the items to promote Nazi propaganda, but to preserve the memory of the Holocaust. He also says he did not know that the Nazis used to manufacture soap out of the fat of their Jewish victims.

Botines tried to sell the soap to the Holocaust museum in Montreal, but was rejected.

The museum said in response that it is shameful that such items are put on sale. “They belong in a museum, where they can be used as educational tools,” a museum source said.

Representatives of the Jewish community in Montreal have requested police investigate the matter, and examine whether the soap really was made from human fat.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. It is a Chov Kodesh – a sacred obligation, for the Askanim – activists – of the Montreal and other Jewish communities throughout the world to work with Abraham Botines to try to locate and buy up EVERY SINGLE BAR OF HOLOCAUST SOAP THAT IS STILL IN EXISTENCE!!!!

    Then, there will need to be proper consultation with appropriate Gedolay Torah to correctly determine what should be done with the bars. MAYBE a piece could be placed in a display in a Holocaust museum. However, most of them, maybe even all of them would probably require K’vura – proper Jewish burial.

    Then, there is the issue of where they should be buried. Should it be in Eretz Yisroel? Should it be over in Poland, right next to one (or more) of the main concentration camps?

    Then, at these special kevorim – graves, there will need to be proper matzeivos – monuments set up, that will probably need to make explicit mention of this especially sadistic aspect of the severe cruelity that the Nazis – the Bnei Amalek, Yemach Shemam V’Zichram, did to us.

  2. Calm down please. If you will make some fact check, you will find that it was not common practice to use human bodies for industrial purposes by Germas.
    In Stuttchoff concentration camp in East Prussia, professor Spanner performed this horrible experiments and that was it.
    Using bodies for soap production was invented by Russian war propaganda and well put in to the writing by Russian writer and propagandist Ilia Erenburg. The same who wrote “Leizor Roitshtvantz” story.
    No need for Kvura and Kadish. I guess the guy form Canada is fraud and nothing else.
    Another human scum wants to make money on tragedy of Holocaust.


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