Jewish Agency To Send 1,000 Israelis and American Jews To Volunteer Abroad


A Jewish Agency for Israel initiative will send 1,000 young Jews from Israel and U.S. college campuses to participate in volunteer work around the world, the agency said today.

As part of “Project TEN,” launched by the agency three years ago, two new volunteering centers will open in the months to come: in May, in Durban, South Africa and in September in Cusco, Peru.

The new centers will offer backpackers the opportunity to incorporate volunteer work into their trekking and tourism.

By Alexander J. Apfel/TPS 

{ Israel}


  1. How about all these establishment types who run the Jewish Agency volunteer themselves for some actual job: stop the liberal idiocy, Jewish Agency is supposed to provide assistance to the Jewish people, goyim have much more money and resources – they don’t even need our help.


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