Jewish Billionaire Gives $188 Million To Oxford To Research A.I Ethics

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Stephen Schwarzman, the billionaire founder of investment firm Blackstone (BX), has given the University of Oxford its largest single donation in hundreds of years to help fund research into the ethics of artificial intelligence.

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities will house a new Institute for Ethics in AI, which will focus on studying the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and other new technology. The institute is expected to open by 2024.

“For nearly 1,000 years, the study of the Humanities at Oxford has been core to western civilization and scholarship,” Schwarzman said in a statement. “We need to ensure that its insights and principles can be adapted to today’s dynamic world.”

The $188 million contribution will fund an academic institute bearing the investor’s name, the British university announced Wednesday.

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  1. The result of haskola experiment are in. The fry Jews are disappearing. Some have enough zchusim for at least their money to be used for good. This guy apparently is not one of those.

        • San Francisco 740
          a very intellectual response!
          so you deny their are no causalities in the yeshiva education system? do yeshivas not justify when expelling students they don’t want. with the logic of protecting the other students?

          • 11:45, I am the first one to criticize the establishment. Having said that, there is a fundamental difference between a concept of Torah-learning institutions, known as yeshivos, and little men with big egos that, in pursuit of self aggrandizement, are trying to corrupt our community institutions, schools in particular. Therefore, you said a horrible thing by using your terminology of “yeshiva murder factories”; you should have said “sush and such(insert name of a particular baal gaiva administrator) murder factory”. The concept of yeshivos is pure. Watch your language, and I won’t tell you to jump off a bridge.


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