Jewish Blumenthal Beats McMahon In Connecticut Senate Race


richard-blumenthalConnecticut’s longtime Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has won the state’s hotly contested U.S. Senate race, defeating a multimillionaire former wrestling executive and keeping the seat in Democratic control.The 64-year-old Blumenthal defeated Republican newcomer Linda McMahon, who spent about $50 million of her on money on the race. With 3 percent of precincts reporting, Blumenthal had 52 percent of the vote to McMahon’s 47 percent.

Blumenthal will fill the seat now held by Sen. Chris Dodd, who did not seek re-election.

Blumenthal won the seat despite conceding he had made several misstatements his military service during the Vietnam era.

{ Election Center}


  1. just because he’s jewish doesnt make him a better candidate for the gov. true everything depends on how the gov. effects the jewish people, but just because he’s jewish is no reason to endorse him.

  2. Now he can join the other Senator from his State, Anti Pollard, anti school voucher, pro abortion, pro non traditional marriage, pro intermarriage, won’t drive on Shabbos.


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