Jewish Community In Mahwah Ordered To Take Down Eruv

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Township officials in the the New Jersey town of Mahwah have ordered the Jewish community to take down their eruv because it violates the town’s zoning regulations, reported.

The Mahwah eruv is comprised of white PVC piping that is attached to utility poles. The town’s engineer, Mike Kelly, reportedly wrote to the town complaining that the piping constitutes a sign which, by city ordinance, is not permitted on trees, rocks or utility poles.

Mahwah reportedly ordered the eruv to be removed by August 4. Red more at



  1. All they had to do is paint the PVC tubes black and it would of all been good.

    But then again, their are a bunch of anti semites.

    Of course.

  2. A sign from Heaven not to get too comfortable in galus, in the anti-Semitic world, especially since according to many mekubalim Moshiach is at the doorstop. He just needs the number-lock to let himself in.

  3. “the piping constitutes a sign which, by city ordinance, is not permitted on trees, rocks or utility poles.” The laws & regulations of a town must be respected, but how does a “piping” become a “sign”? If they want to prohibit “piping” why is it not in the law/regulation?

  4. Haven’t these guys ever heard of RLUIPA? Where is this town’s solicitor? The solicitor or town legal department head should be advising the town to cease and desist from its demand, since the courts will uphold the eruv, whether they like it or not.

  5. Just wondering, if they dont have permission to put up the poles how valid us the eruv? Did they have s’chiras r’shus?

  6. This is settled caselaw. Over a decade ago the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the town of Tenafly New Jersey in a similar eruv case. Mahwah Will end up wasting a ton of tax payers money to no avail….

    • Not necessarily. Mahwah’s lawyer’s could present a different set of facts and circumstances that could bolster their argument to remove or amend the eruv.

  7. No seriously. Are the Dolphins going to be any good this year? I mean, how much more heartbreaking seasons can we endure? Just make the playoffs in order to be trounced in the first round?

      • The irony of saying ultra orthodox website. Redifining words. Ultra orthodoxy doesnt recognise the internet! You suffeding from some cognitive dissonance

  8. Special privileges are not to be given to any select group. Otherwise, there would exists a thousand different markers and/or signs on every piece of government property. It’s not yours to do what you wish with.

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