Jewish Groups Condemn Display of Antisemitic Banners Over Los Angeles Freeway

Motorists on Interstate 405 in Los Angeles drive by banners carrying antisemitic slogans draped from an overpass. Photo: Twitter.

Jewish organizations in southern California expressed outrage over the weekend after banners with sinister antisemitic slogans were seen hanging from a freeway overpass.

The three home-made banners were draped an overpass on Interstate 405 in Los Angeles on Saturday, close to the Florence Avenue exit in Inglewood.

One banner declared, “The Jews want a race war,” whilst another promoted a website called “Goyim TV.” A third banner urged drivers on the freeway to honk their horns in agreement.

Tweeting in response to the incident, Rick Hirschhaut — the Los Angeles regional director of the American Jewish Committee — called on the California Highway Patrol to step up its efforts against such expressions of hatred.

Other Jewish organizations concurred. In a statement to the Jewish Journal, Rabbi Abraham Cooper — associate dean of the LA-based Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) — said that his organization had “asked Council members Paul Koretz and David Ryu to get the Jew-hating banners unfurled by antisemitic cowards removed by DOT [Los Angeles Department of Transportation]. They will continue their anonymous attacks on social media and everywhere else they can act stealthily to spread Jew-hatred without fear of being held accountable.”

Algemeiner Staff. (c) 2020.


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