Jewish Groups Horrified By Alleged Anti-Semitic Hate Crime At Michigan State University

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michigan-state-universityJewish groups have expressed outrage and horror at an alleged anti-Semitic hate crime against a student at Michigan State University. The student was knocked unconscious and had his mouth stapled shut by two men at a party, after the men allegedly asked the student if he was Jewish, chanted “Heil Hitler” and gave the Nazi salute.

The ADL has spoken to the parents of the victim, Zachary Tennen, a sophomore, and has been in contact with local law enforcement and university officials since first learning of the assault, which took place in the early morning hours of August 26 and reportedly was witnessed by other students. Tennen sustained a broken jaw and other injuries and was hospitalized following the assault.

“We are horrified by this violent assault and allegations that the student may have been viciously attacked because he was Jewish,” said Betsy Kellman, ADL Detroit Regional Director. “We are confident that the East Lansing Police will thoroughly investigate this deeply troubling case and, given the allegations, treat it as a possible hate crime. We hope the perpetrators will be swiftly brought to justice.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Not a hate crime. Heil Hitler is now adapted to mean “I am glad to see you”. The idea of this not being a hate crime is a crime against humanity. Never Again.


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