Jewish Man Arrested After Rushing Into Paris Shul With Purim Costume

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A Jewish man has been branded an ‘idiot’ and arrested after allegedly rushing into a Paris shul and waving a fake Kalasnikov while shout “Allahu Akbar.”

The 40-year-old caused panic when he charged into the Chabad Lubavitch shul dressed in Arabic robes and brandishing the mock weapon.

The stunt came just two days after ISIS suicide bombers killed dozens of people in attacks at Brussels Airport and a metro station in the Belgian capital.

Members of the Paris shul were celebrating Purim.

The building was being guarded by soldiers but the man was still able to get inside.

“Purim is a special party where you can let go and drink,” he later said. “I had an Arab costume with a red and white headscarf and a Kalashnikov. Arriving at the synagogue, I told the soldiers that it was a fake. I laughed with them. I shouted Allah Akbar.'”

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  1. well this was not funny. I wonder how much he had been drinking- also, I do not want false alarms. What if, Chas vishalom, next year a real terrorist comes in on Purim?


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